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Dental Office Personnel Training Solutions

Is Your Office Training Program Effective?

The training and organization skills of your office staff have a tremendous impact on the care that your patients receive.

Medical Office Policy and Procedures Training ManualDon’t Lose Time, Patients, and Money
A poorly organized office and a lack of proper training can cause you to lose time, patients, and money, as well as cause unnecessary frustration. It might even result in legal action if office personnel fail to properly abide by government regulations or do things that could open you to a lawsuit from a patient, insurance company, or third-party payor.

Keep Your Focus on the Patient
As a dental professional, your training focuses mainly on the treatment aspects of the patient, but it is vital that you look after other details-such as policies and procedures and compliance training-to ensure that your patients receive the greatest level of care.

You Never Told Me That
Have you ever encountered office staff not carrying out a particular office policy or procedure and when asked they said, “I don’t remember anyone telling me that” or “You never told me that before”?  Without a comprehensive, fully documented training program in place, there’s no way to ensure that your staff are fully informed of your current office policies and procedures.  Someone once said they remembered receiving notes from their boss with the words AVOID VERBAL ORDERS printed on the top, and commented that they came to understand how this great advice helped avoid costly misunderstandings.  By developing an effective office training protocol that includes written policies and procedures—and avoiding verbal orders—your staff members will have no question about what you expect of them.

What's the Solution?
The Dental Office Policy Manual is the solution.

Now, with the Dental Office Policy Manual you will have an outstanding set of dental office training and organizational tools at your fingertips. The Manual gives you what you need to get your office organized and your staff properly trained so that you can maximize your patient care and the profitability of your practice.  The Office Policy Manual is a must for every dental practice.

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Dental Office Policy Manual Content

The Office Policy Manual is specifically designed to make it as easy as possible for your dental office to create and update a customized policies, procedures, and compliance training manual.

The Dental Office Policy Manual is the centerpiece of the all new Dental Office Compliance Pro and provides the vehicle to quickly create, access, and update your office policies and procedures.  The manual has been designed specifically for the dental office and has a wealth of information with hundreds of forms that cover all aspects of your office policies and procedures.  We have provide over 135 policy examples with suggested text that is specific to a dental practice environment to help you get started.  Add, edit, or delete policies until it meets your specific needs.

By using the electronic portion of the manual you can create and customize your office policies and procedures, print staff training manuals, and allow staff to quickly access your office policy information and training resources without looking for their "paper" manual.

The main sections of the Office Policy Manual include:

1. Compliance Program Policies
2. Operational Policies
3. HIPAA Security & Electronics
4. HIPAA Privacy (HIPAA Policies & Procedures Manual included!)
5. Pharmaceuticals & Biologicals
6. Laboratory
7. Radiology & Ancillary Testing
8. Civil Rights Policies
9. Personnel Policies
10. Job Description

Each section is filled with in-depth, fully developed information and customizable policies and procedures for dental office personnel training.

Train Your Staff The Importance Of Office Compliance

Compliance within the dental industry has become a hot topic lately.  The Office Policy Manual, specifically designed for the dental office, provides an effective system for training your office staff members (including the doctor) the importance of dental office policies, procedures, and compliance with federal and state compliance laws and regulations.  The OIG, CMS, CHIP, HIPAA and Insurance Payers, now require, or strongly suggest, you provide a written staff training manual and a training program describing the specifics of your office policies and procedures protocol including compliant coding/billing, documentation, HIPAA privacy/security procedures, and claims submission audits etc.  The penalty for not doing so can be costly.

For a more in depth Office Compliance Program, see: Dental Office Compliance Pro

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We now offer the Office Policy Manual as a - stand alone - product from the Dental Office Compliance Pro.  The Office Policy Manual is an excellent choice if you do not see federally insured patients, Medicaid or CHIP, and do not need a full compliance program offered by the Dental Office Compliance Pro.

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User Guide & Help Section

A complete “User Guide” and "Help" section gives you the information you will need to learn the proper use of the application and how to quickly customize it to meet your individual practice needs.

Requires Microsoft© Word.

Order Today and see how much time and money this application can save your practice.